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As a graduate of both Northwestern University and Dev Bootcamp, I am actively looking for opportunities to put my liberal arts education and technical skills towards good work.

Get in touch with me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. If you're in the Chicagoland area, let's grab a coffee.

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I am interested in applying my skills to media and technology projects of a journalistic and/or social justice nature. For example:

  • Building tools to amplify marginalized voices and address issues in undderrepresented communities not often catered to by technologists.
  • Creating digital educational resources that promote diversity, inclusion, and empathy, simplify complex topics, and empower individuals with knowledge.
  • Designing support structures and platforms that help victims of systemic discrimination.

If you have an idea for an interesting project, shoot me an email.

My Background

After graduating from Northwestern University with a dual major in English Literature and International Studies, I worked as Content Services Specialist for Tempesta Media, an alumni of Chicago's 1871 incubator program, interfacing daily with SMBs to address their content marketing gaps, and helping our community of over 9000+ writers make a living wage doing what they love.

Being the first hire in our Chicago office, I directly influenced the growth of our platforms, shaping them to provide sustainable solutions for both SMBs and writers facing the challenges of success in the digital era. This experience taught me that, with web development skills, I could make more meaningful contributions to projects that actually make a difference.

In September 2014, I began Dev Bootcamp’s 19-week intensive training program for aspiring web developers, specializing in Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS, Test Driven Development, Object-Oriented Javascript (AJAX, JQuery), Git and Source Control, Heroku, and Agile Development.

The program culminates with an 8-day final project, where we pitch, design, and develop an application over the course of a week. I lead a team of four that built Horizon, a web app that provides an interactive visualization of your Twitter account, illuminating your exposure to a variety of issues and giving you personalized recommendations to fill the gaps.

I am currently a Junior Developer for Jellyvision, Inc., an interactive marketing company based in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about how we're building conversational software that helps you reach smarter answers for complex questions, please check out our website.

You can view my resume here, and, for a more in-depth look at my credentials, please check out my LinkedIn profile.

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