Horizon is an interactive visualization of your Twitter account: illuminating your exposure to various issues and giving you personalized recommendations to fill the gaps.


Link: Horizon

Role: Project Lead


Horizon is an interactive visualization of your Twitter account, illuminating your exposure to pressing issues across a variety of categories. We give users a clear look at the type of people they follow, and give personalized recommendations based on their current Horizon.

Horizon was built as the capstone to the Dev Bootcamp web application curriculum. The program culminates with an 8-day final project, where we pitch, design, and develop an application over the course of a week. I lead a team of four that built Horizon and then presented it to forty-four unique employers from Chicago’s tech community.

You can see a recorded livestream of our presentation here: “[Tim Berners-Lee’s, inventor of the World Wide web] main concern was that most internet users were ultimately coming and using the Internet through search engines and social networks like Google and Facebook and Twitter. And essentially what these platforms were doing is they were siloing off their users into their own little bubbles and they weren’t being exposed to the diverse range of people and perspectives that the internet offered.” (38:00)

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March 20, 2015


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