Hot Work Permit

Hot Work Permit is a highly customizable AEC web app that simplifies the handling of hot work permit forms on the construction site while still ensuring that legal OSHA requirements were still met.


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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) is one of the most dangerous areas of employment, with illness and fatal injury a constant threat. Hot work is an industry term describing the most dangerous engineering you can do on the job: Activities like weldering, soldering, and using flammable or explosive materials.

Hot work is so dangerous that it comes with additional regulations, and a special document – a hot work permit – is required. Unfortunately, the entire hot work process is entirely managed through sheets of paper passed around a construction site. Using the current process, it is impossible for a supervisor to know what is going on at a construction site at any given time; a knowledge gap that, in this industry, can create deadly results.

Which is why a group of Dev Bootcamp graduates and Mortenson industry professionals came together to form SafetyCL. Together, we developed a prototypical web app that would digitize the entire hot work permit process. By bringing hot work permits online, we hoped to make every day on the construction site more efficient, more cost-effective, and, above all, safer.

This application was developed over a 48-hour period for Chicago’s first AEC Hackathon, winning second place in the Industry’s Biggest Problem category.

To read more about the AEC Hackathon, check out BuiltWorlds’ comprehensive recap of the event here: “ As the teams tinkered and toiled away until the final buzzer sounded, it was entirely evident that what they lost in sleep over the weekend they had traded for hard work in creating positive and lasting change in the AEC environment.”

You can also learn more about Mortenson from their write-up here: “The waste in this process is with tracking tickets that are opened/closed, location of hot work, and most of all paper storage. The goal was to develop an electronic kiosk in plan room that would allow workers to digitally create a ticket, identify location that would populate a database and allow superintendents to verify status of tickets.”

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